Aug 18

Sermon: Which Road Should They Take?

If we let the world raise our kids, how will they turn out? Are there any particular directions we should give our children? As we continue to look at Wisdom literature, we are challenged to not only apply wisdom to our own lives, but to teach it to the next generation. Proverbs 22:6 

Wayne Walker

Which Road Should They Take?

Ancient Wisdom for Today's World

Aug 11

Sermon: Why Work Hard?

In a culture that celebrates entertainment and relaxation, why should God’s people act differently? Why not put in an average day’s work then go home and watch TV? Why not do just enough to get through the workweek, then “kick back and chill out” on the weekend? In our series on ancient wisdom, Solomon speaks to this issue. He warns God’s people of the dangers of laziness and gives us motivation to live with diligence. Proverbs 21:25-26

Steve Bergstrom

Why Work Hard?

Ancient Wisdom for Today's World

Aug 04

Sermon: The Desire for Wealth

The relationship between financial wealth and human spirituality is a topic that we encounter numerous times in our Bibles, and in our lives. How can we be the kind of people who honor God regardless of our wealth? Today, we find our Ancient Wisdom in Proverbs 13:7-8.

Please Note: There was a dramatic presentation that opens the sermon and again in the middle.

Vince Willis

The Desire for Wealth

Ancient Wisdom for Today's World

Jul 28

Sermon: Wisdom With Our Words

Our culture doesn’t lack the use of words. One study says that the average person uses 16,000 words per day. And we also know that where words are many, sin is not hard to be found. Today, as we continue in our sermon series, Ancient Wisdom for Today’s World, we will see why it is important to be wise with our words as we look at Proverbs 18:6-8.

Chris Lesiuk

Wisdom With Our Words

Ancient Wisdom for Today's World

Jul 21

Sermon: Do it Now!

Even the best of lives experience hardship and loss. It is so easy and natural to live somewhat gloomy while we hope and wait for better days to come. Solomon addresses this issue and challenges us, as God’s people, to chart a different course. He calls us to live a life of joy… today. Ecclesiastes 11:9-12:7

Steve Bergstrom

Do It Now!

Ancient Wisdom for Today's World

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