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Pondering the “Name Above All Names”

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In today’s culture, names are really a “legal label” that we use to distinguish each other. They are given to each of us (usually by our parents) out of preference, or family tradition, and they go on our legal birth certificates, driver’s licenses, passports. They are only changed when a marriage occurs, or someone wants to go through the legal process of changing their name for another reason–and even then, you mname above all names graphicust divulge your “aliases” in legal proceedings.

But names are quite different when encountered in the Bible. They are often given to indicate a trait or destiny, and are frequently changed as a result of changed circumstances. In the Old Testament, God changes “Abram” and “Sarai” to Abraham and Sarah, as he gives them a new destiny as the parents of the Hebrew nation. He changes Jacob’s name to “Israel” (which means “he who wrestles with God”) because Jacob did just that–wrestled with God. In the New Testament, an angel tells Joseph to name Mary’s baby “Jesus” because he will save his people from their sins, and Jesus later renames Simon son of Jonah, “Peter,” which means “rock,” for on this rock, he would build his church.

This Summer, our sermons will ponder some of the names in the Old Testament for God, and in doing so we will come to know Him better–His character, His qualities, His desires. The Preaching Team will consist of five men: Steve Bergstrom and Vince Willis (both Elders) will be joined by Luke Spencer, Nate McKanna, and Leon Li. As we take turns in the pulpit, we are desperatsummer 2015 preaching team smallerely preparing and praying together that those who might hear our sermons will draw closer to our magnificent God so that we might worship Him better, be strengthened, and be able to share Him with our world.


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A Discipleship Journey Invitation

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An Invitation to Become Like Jesus

Join us on a Discipleship Journey

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Like a Sculptor chiseling a rough rock into a thing of beauty, so our God  chisels away at us – chipping, shaping, molding, and refining as He goes. God’s vision: To make us more like Jesus Himself. As Master Sculptor, God works with an eye toward our ultimate perfection – an amazing thing of beauty!

At the same time, we respond by following Jesus on this journey – a discipleship journey whereby disciples increasingly become like their master.

Starting February and running through May, the Sunday morning messages at Centerpoint Church will challenge us to Become like Jesus. Our messages will focus on this process –  perhaps more intensely than ever before! And you are invited to join us.


During this series, we will  consider our connection to Jesus and how faith must grow as God chisels away at us.  We will explore how Jesus has sent us to do His work and imitate His self-less sacrifice. Our desire to become like Jesus will increase, and we will be encouraged by a vision for the end product. All this comes from a careful investigation of selected passages flowing from the Holy Spirit through the pen of the Apostle John.


Our preaching team (Vic, Steve, and Mark) is ready to go. Our musicians will help us move forward. And along the way you will have opportunity to engage in personal spiritual disciplines to stimulate your growth during the week. You will want to join us as we pursue Becoming Like Jesus: A Discipleship Journey! Start time is 10:45 a.m. – Sunday.

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Special: Connections Groups Focus

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Our goal as believers in Jesus Christ is to become better disciples, and one way that we are growing as disciples is in the context of small groups, which we call “Connections Groups.” Today, we will look together at our Connections Groups here at Centerpoint.

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Easter Devotional: What a Strange Way to Celebrate Resurrection!

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Our Easter rituals like Peeps, candy, and colored eggs might have seemed surprising to the original observers of the Resurrection. However, we are also caught off guard by one of their reactions to the Resurrection of Jesus. Their strange reaction points to God’s desired response by us . . . a striking response that can change our lives.We are in Mark 16:1-8.

Bob Abegg

Easter Devotional

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Special: Celebrating God’s Faithfulness in 2012

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End of year, 5th Sunday Special:

“Celebrating God’s Faithfulness in 2012″

Part of our service on Sunday, Dec. 30th, was a highlight of some of the many events which occurred during 2012 in Centerpoint Church. Attached is a link tothe slideshow with a voiceover narration.


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Special: “Dude, You Hear What I Hear?”

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Children’s Christmas Musical:

“Dude, You Hear What I Hear?”

A Christmas Musical created by Steve Moore, Rob Howard, & David Guthrie; produced & performed by members of Centerpoint Church!

Video produced by Mark Finley, 12/16/2012


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Special: The Cross Builder-a dramatic monologue

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Resurrection Sunday (Easter) Special:

“The Cross Builder”

What if the man who built the cross Christ was crucified on were to have questioned Jesus’ claim to be the Messiah? Could even he have hope? This dramatic monologue, based on the original work by Joe White, gives us a fresh perspective on the saving work of the Savior.

Vince Willis 04/08/2012


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