Apr 21

Sermon: Easter Gifts

What do you get for Easter? Some new clothes? A basket of sweets? A nice meal with baked ham? Maybe even some Spring-like vision for fresh, new life. Good stuff! But God has given us so much more for Easter. The gifts He has given us impact every part of our lives. Matthew 27:57-28:20

Dr. Vic Anderson

Easter Gifts

Apr 14

Sermon: A King on a Cross

The horrific crucifixion of Jesus is an obstacle that stands in the way of faith for some people.  Many think that it is inconceivable that God’s Son, the Messiah, would die on a cross. Can we know for sure that his death was not just a tragedy, not just another Roman execution? Do the circumstances surrounding the cross give us assurances that Jesus truly is the King of the Jews? Matthew 27:32-56

Steve Bergstrom

A King on a Cross

Apr 07

Sermon: Justice is Denied

Tragic is the denial of justice. Our blood boils when we see an innocent person mistakenly condemned as guilty. Even more heinous is the condemnation that comes from evil intention rather than honest error! Yet the injustice surrounding Jesus’ death sentence causes us to marvel at the innocence of the accused. And we walk away from this courtyard of injustice with greater desire to show allegiance to our King. Matthew 27:1-31

Dr. Vic Anderson

Justice is Denied

Note: The Lord’s Supper was part of the sermon but edited out for the sake of time. Keep listening until the end because there is a 1 second gap after the prayer for the bread and the cup.

Mar 24

Sermon: In the Footsteps of the Condemned

In most cultures, the “undesirables” of society are confined to its jails and prisons. They are the outcasts and condemned, and it’s not natural to associate with them. So, when King Jesus is condemned, his followers have a decision to make. Will we forsake or will we follow? Matthew 26:57-75 encourages a right response as we continue to marvel at the passion of our Lord.

Josh Winn

In the Footsteps of the Condemned

Mar 17

Sermon: The Cup or the Sword?

It is important, as believers, that we never lose sight of the magnitude of the sacrifice of Jesus. His sufferings, on our behalf, were profound and painful, never to be forgotten. Our passage today will remind us of that truth and will motivate us to love Him more. Matthew 26:36-56

Steve Bergstrom

The Cup or the Sword?

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