Jul 21

Sermon: Do it Now!

Even the best of lives experience hardship and loss. It is so easy and natural to live somewhat gloomy while we hope and wait for better days to come. Solomon addresses this issue and challenges us, as God’s people, to chart a different course. He calls us to live a life of joy… today. Ecclesiastes 11:9-12:7

Steve Bergstrom

Do It Now!

Ancient Wisdom for Today's World

Jul 14

Sermon: Wisdom in a Sexually-Charged World

You don’t have to look very hard to see that we live in a sexually-charged world. Advertisements, movies, television shows, books, and music use graphic ideas and images. Even checking the news can be dangerous! The ancient wisdom of God’s Word offers a healthy perspective for today’s world. Proverbs 5:1-15

Nathan Fowler

Wisdom in a Sexually-Charged World

Ancient Wisdom for Today's World

Jul 07

Sermon: Envying the Wicked

As we walk a path of devotion to the Lord, we often find problems along the way—health, finances, and sometimes just being true to our convictions as Christians. Looking around, we realize that many unbelievers seem to be living the good life. Why should we pursue a path of devotion when the wicked prosper? Psalm 73

John Finklea

Envying the Wicked

Ancient Wisdom for Today's World

Jul 01

Special: Connections Groups Focus

Our goal as believers in Jesus Christ is to become better disciples, and one way that we are growing as disciples is in the context of small groups, which we call “Connections Groups.” Today, we will look together at our Connections Groups here at Centerpoint.

Jun 23

Sermon: Why Try?

All too often our best laid plans go awry. It is not uncommon for our efforts to go unrewarded. In light of that reality, how are we to live? Should we still give our endeavors our best shot, or should we pull in the reigns and live a bit more cautiously? Solomon sheds some wisdom on that most relevant subject in our passage this morning. Ecclesiastes 11:1-6

Steve Bergstrom

Why Try Ancient Wisdom for Today's World

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